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Impact strength

The impact test determines the amount of energy needed to fracture or deform a test specimen or molded component. During the impact test, a pendulum is swung at a sample specimen with a given kinetic energy. The impact strength refers to the impact energy absorbed until fracture across the critical section and is measured in mJ/mm² or kJ/cm². Impact tests provide information on the behavior of polymers during high deformation rates. Impact tests can be carried out according to Charpy, with central impact on the test specimen (DIN 53453) or according to Izod, involving one side of the test specimen being clamped (DIN 53435) in a vise. The notched impact strength which specifies a polymer’s resistance to dynamic stress is determined by means of notched flexural impact tests. Quick dynamic flexure creates a fracture without the occurrence of material creep, which often occurs as a result of gradual stress. The notched impact strength refers to the absorbed notched impact energy across the fractured area and is expressed in J/cm².