Individual Solutions

Delta Kunststoffe quickly and accurately matches all compounds and colors to your original batch.

Field of use

determine the perfect formulation for the following optical effects according to RAL, HKS, Pantone and NCS: Fluorescence, Metallic effects Thermochromes Marbling

Color settings

Our pigments meet even the most demanding technical requirements and they are available with the following properties: Warp-free Light-resistant Weather-resistant Temperature-resistant Migration-resistant Free of heavy metals Food safe according to BFR and FDA

Quality check

in order to meet every customer’s requirements. Prior to shipment, all formulations are checked to ensure that they comply with industry standards and your individual specifications, guaranteeing perfect matches every time.

Electrically conductive and permanently antistatic compounds

We protect sensitive electronic components from uncontrolled discharge and prevent electrostatic charge by systematically modifying plastic materials. You can choose from more than thirty standard products in a wide variety of different polymers.

Color masterbatches

Deltacolor colorants are highly adaptable. Eco-friendly or low-dust, free-flowing – we will deliver the perfect property range with your choice of pigmentation and carrier material.

Deltacolor MB color masterbatches

Carrier systems for Deltacolor MB color masterbatches are PP, PE, PA, PS, ABS, POM, TPE as well as EVA and alpha olefins. Used as pigment combinations, UV stabilizers and additives for process optimization, they provide multifunctional and cost-efficient colorations.

Deltaplus MB additive masterbatches

The Deltaplus MB product range provides new property profiles for easy processing. Available in concentrated form, they control anti-friction properties, create a permanently antistatic effect, improve impact strength or modify weight and density.

Deltacolor PG dry pigments

Thanks to special treatment, Deltacolor PG free-flowing pigments with low-dust or dust-free properties provide an attractive alternative to colorants. Thanks to their freedom from agglomerates and their good dispersibility they are the perfect solution whenever carrier systems would be detrimental. Dry pigments are also an attractive option for compounding jobs as well as for small-scale production and trial runs.

Customized compounds

Customized compounds made by Delta Kunststoffe provide a wide array of processing properties that meet all your specifications. We take into account the properties of the carrier polymer as well as the effect of our modification and adapt all formulations to suit your individual requirements.

Engineering materials

Customized special compounds Flame retardant, UL rated Comply with DIN, ISO and EN Classified according to glow wire resistance and other user-definable specifications

Compounds for artificial turf

Materials for UEFA and FIFA certified artificial turf Can be tinted to suit any application

Special compounds with a unique property profile

Density up to 3,5 g/cm³ UV-resistance for different climatic zones Low-temperature impact strength Special surface properties  (e.g. tactile properties, anti-slip and scratch resistance) Modification with special fillers and metals


Unsere modernen Anlagen sind der Garant für hochwertige Lohncompoundierung und ermöglichen es uns, die komplette Palette von (Spezial-) Kunststoffen für Sie compoundieren zu können.

Neben der richtigen technischen Ausstattung ist aber besonders die fachliche Betreuung entscheidend. Unsere langjährigen und vielseitigen Erfahrungen in der Kunststofffertigung nutzen wir, um Ihr Projekt erfolgreich, kostengünstig und pünktlich durchzuführen. Dabei engagieren wir uns für Ihren Kleinauftrag genauso wie für große Fertigungsmengen und bieten auf Wunsch Full Service aus einer Hand:


Herstellung von Produktmustern Herstellung von Prüfung/Optimierung Ihrer Rezeptur unter technischen Gesichtspunkten


Gewinnen Sie mehr Flexibilität, indem Sie Delta Kunststoffe nutzen, um Ihre Kapazitäten bedarfsgerecht oder projektbezogen zu erweitern


Entgegennahme Ihrer Rohstoffe Verpackung nach Ihren Vorgaben Versand von Fertigprodukten Nach Absprache befristete Lagerung von Waren


Die Geheimhaltung Ihrer Rezeptur ist selbstverständlich jederzeit gesichert