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Code of Conduct

I. General Regulations

  1. Scope
    This code of conduct applies to all factories or subsidies worldwide.
  2. Legal Regulations, Standards and Ethical Policy
    This company complies with the laws and standards of the particular countries, in which it is active. It orientates itself on common ethical values and principles, in particular integrity and human dignity.
  3. Business Partners, Government Agencies, and Consumers
    This company operates according to common standard business practice of fairness and honesty. Our relationship with government agencies is based on trust. Legal regulations for the protection of consumers are respected.
  4. Business Secrecy
    This company and its employees treat the business secrets of our partners with the utmost confidentiality. We do not condone the transfer of confidential information to third parties or to the public. This regulation applies to current as well as former employees of this company

II. Antitrust and Competition Regulations

  1. Antitrust Regulations
    This company obligates itself to fair competition. It complies with antitrust and other competition regulating laws. Illegal agreements concerning prices or other conditions, sales areas or customers, as well as the abuse of market power contradict the principles of this company.
  2. Bribery, Venality and Corruption
    This company objects all forms of corruption and does not condone or tolerate this behaviour. The employees of this company are responsible not to create any kind of personal dependency on customers or suppliers. In particular, company employees may not accept from or give any presents to others, if from a reasonable point of view it may be assumed that the giving and or acceptance could influence their business decisions. In the case that presents are part of the common habits of politeness in a particular country, care is to be taken that no dependencies are created and the present complies with local regulations. Any violations will be punished according to relevant labour laws.

III. Global Regulations

  1. Human rights
    We support explicitly and without question all international human rights laws*8. In the case that disciplinary measures are necessary, all employees are to be treated with honor and respect. Such measures are to be carried out in accordance with prevailing national and international standards and internationally accepted human rights*8.
  2. Child Labour
    We object strongly to child labour and any form of exploitation regarding children and teenagers. All relevant laws are observed and obeyed.
  3. Forced Labour
    Any kind of forced labour, debt bondage, peonage, and slavery and all similar conditions are not accepted. Company employees may not be directly or indirectly forced to work using abusive or intimidating methods*9.
  4. Renumeration, Employment Rights
    All employees must receive a fair full-time employment wage, which allows them to cover their basic needs. The salary must be paid out in a practical manner (by cash, check, or bank transfer), and a pay slip must be provided containing all relevant information*10. The rights of employees pertaining to freedom of association, freedom of assembly, collective bargaining as well as wage and salary negotiations are, to the extent that these rights are legal and observed by the respective countries, respected*11.
  5. Working Hours
    Working hours are in accordance with prevailing national law, in line with the manner common for this sector of industry, or in accordance with the relevant ILO conventions. Overtime is allowed only on a voluntarily basis*11.
  6. Work Health and Safety
    The company complies with national and international regulations on work health and safety and we have implemented systems to prevent risk to employee health and safety*11.
  7. Environment Protection
    This company respects the targets of sustainable environmental protection. Eco friendly production methods are pursued. In accordance with the objectives of the Rio-Declaration of the United Nations (UN), this company treats natural resources in a responsible manner*12

IV. Ethics and Social Principles

  1. Non – Discrimination
    This company disapproves of discriminatory hiring and employment practices, particularly discrimination based on race, ethnic or national origin, colour of skin, sex, disabilities, age, religion, an employees’ association, or other personal traits and characteristics*13.
  2. Harassment
    This company condones all forms of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.
  3. Freedom of Opinion
    The right of freedom of opinion is guaranteed*14.
  4. Privacy
    The right to privacy is respected.

V. Compliance with this Code of Conduct
This company will inform its employees and suppliers in a timely manner and at regular intervals about this code of conduct and will monitor its compliance. Suppliers of DKAG guarantee to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Weeze, February 17, 2022

Andreas Bäßler
Managing Director
Delta Kunststoffe AG

Torsten Schämann
CFO, HR Director
Delta Kunststoffe AG

*8 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – UN-Doc. 217
*9 ILO Conventions 29 and 105
*10 ILO Conventions 26 and 131
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*12 ILO Convention 155
*13 27 Principles produced at the 1992 United Nations “Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro, 1992
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